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Name: Harry Louis

Age: 20

Height : 5'10

Dick Size: 11"

Sexual Orientation: Gay

Role: Versatile

Assessor's Comments:

Admitedly here at MAP we dont usually go for younger guys, but as soon as you see Harry in alll his glory you will see exactly why we just had to make an exception. Since his arrival to the London scene a few months ago, Harry has been causing quite a stir. So by the time we convinced him to pay us a visit here at MAP towers his reputation for having one of the most thickest and biggest dicks in the city was very well established. And we could not wait to see it for ourselves.

Harry's Audition
Starring Harry Louis

Come take a seat on the casting couch as we meet young Mr Harry Louis. He arrived at our studio via a recommendation. So we decided to give him a chance to see what all the fuss was about, and boy did he show us. That dick just has to be seen to be believed, and even then it still leaves you speechless. Even Harry noticed our amazement and decided to tease us further by inviting us to touch his dick. So we accepted his invitation by giving him an impromptu hand job, till he spurted his hot juicy load over and above his shoulder! Enter here!

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